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Electrijet Flight Systems, Inc. (EFSI), was founded by Devin Samuelson in 2013 with the express goal of becoming the global market leader in electric propulsion systems for air transport (passenger & freight). We are continuously developing a stream of innovation—in safety, in manufacturing, in technology development, in systems optimization, in energy storage, and especially in delivering value to our customers.


We are fortunate to be based in the beautiful Inland Northwest, home to rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, snow, four seasons, blue skies and green technologies. We are headquartered in the nation’s best-kept secret of Spokane Washington. Our offices and laboratory are located in the Liberty Lake Portal building (shown above) next to the Idaho state line.


While our strength is in electric propulsion, please know that we are building a company that is more than a single technology. In fact, we are continuously evaluating and filling our product pipeline with the best technologies for electric propulsion. Further, we believe that one of the keys to our success is our systems approach—we seek to optimize and harmonize the entire propulsion system: materials; aerodynamics; controls; mounts; interfaces; component quality; and more.

Our technologies include: engines, motors, reactors, battery technologies, fuel cells, complex digital and analogue control systems, and airframe systems integration.


Our manufacturing capabilities include a complete suite of materials engineering and production, machining, fabrication, composites, metals, ceramics, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing in an FMS environment.  Our laboratory includes analytical testing, and materials testing.  Product testing included reliability instrumented test-beds.

Transformational Business Model

Our most critical milestone is FAA certification for our electric propulsion system, the VTX series.  An experienced team leads our progress of achieving FAA design and manufacturing type certifications.  

The organic growth of our product sales will re-frame a significant portion of the aviation industry.  We invite you to contact us to learn more at.



Our company structure strategically positions us to rapidly advance technical solutions in a dynamic and competitive aerospace market.  We achieve this with our world-class problem solving team that employs top talent within Electrijet Flight Systems Incorporated.  This cross-disciplinary team is comprised of accomplished technical experts, scientists, engineers, and manufacturing professionals from multiple industries and select educational backgrounds.  

As a systems based company, our customers always come first.  We are committed to delivering state of the art technological solutions on time, right the first time, every time to our customers.  In short, we are committed to delighting our customers through the quality of our products, safety compliance to our regulatory partners, and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We manage the flow of information -based focus on the achievement of clearly defined priorities and key milestones.  All products undergo extensive testing, reliability studies, instrumentation  testing, and third party testing prior to delivery, and in accordance with engineered test plans.